Orkla Latvia invests 255,000 EUR in the installation of solar panels at the production plant!

Investing 255,000 euros in a renewable energy production project, it is planned to generate 287 MWh of "green" electricity per year, covering 25% of the company's total consumption. The green energy produced in a year will help reduce CO2 emissions by 136 tons, which is equivalent to planting 190 trees.
SIA "Orkla Latvia" had previously announced that it purchases "green" electricity from the general grid for all its factories, with "Laima" factory consuming 50% of the total. Now, after the installation of solar panels, the factory will use a total of about 75% renewable electricity, resulting in an average annual savings of 400 tons of CO2. This is the next step in the implementation of "Orkla Latvia's" sustainability strategy, aimed at environmental protection. The strategy aims to introduce renewable energy into production up to 60% of total consumption by 2024, reduce greenhouse gas emissions within its operations by 65%, and reduce value chain emissions outside its operations by 30%. "Times are changing, and with them, opportunities and solutions in food production change.
Since relocating production to the new, energy-efficient premises in Ādaži, equipped with the latest energy efficiency solutions, "Laima" has managed to reduce CO2 emissions by 50%. However, work does not stop at this achievement, and solutions were sought to reduce electricity consumption and resulting emissions through the purchase of "green" electricity and the installation of solar panels in August of this year. Simultaneously, projects are being implemented to reduce gas and water consumption as well.

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