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Linstow has been present in Latvia since 1996, and during these years it has become the most experienced, professional and successful developer of shopping centres in the Baltic States. Linstow has established five shopping centres in Latvia – Alfa, Mols, Galerija Centrs, Origo and Dole. It has also developed the Minska department store, as well as the largest shopping centre in Estonia – Ülemiste.

Linstow has been the leader in its segment in the Baltic States from the very beginning. It opened the first shopping centre in Rīga which conformed to international standards, and that allowed the people of the city to learn about new types and opportunities of shopping. We are purposefully maintaining the status of the originator, and we are constantly introducing new and unprecedented opportunities so as to remain the best in our sector and to stay one step ahead of our competitors at all times.

The main success factors for Linstow include the advantageous location of its shopping centres, the optimal range of stores in those centres, and the presence of strong and professional managers throughout the system.
Our experience in the establishment and development of shopping centres has allowed us to become experts in the field, and that is why we are the first to introduce and determine the latest standards in the establishment and improvement of shopping centres.

We set our goals as high as possible to maintain our leading positions. We pursue those goals, and our competitors try to do the same.

The professional real estate development company Linstow Centre Management works to ensure that our buildings are in use for as long as possible and that they are used in an efficient way. The company becomes involved in shopping centre projects at the design stage, offering its own proposals as to how the building can be managed in an effective and considered way.

Over the course of the years, Linstow has established excellent co-operation with leading architectural firms in Latvia and abroad. We bring them in to design the Linstow shopping centres, as well as to engage in urban planning. We want the surroundings of our shopping centres to be as nice, friendly and comfortable as possible.

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